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If you’re looking for traffic to your own Wedding-related website or blog, here’s how we do get our website and blogs listed in the search engines and start building traffic, fast!

Just start at the top and work through the tasks to get your site indexed, create loads of valuable backlinks, generate immediate visitor flow and valuable social signals… Tick off items as you complete them, and your progress will be saved for your next visit.

Directory Submissions

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The trick here is to NOT over do it. There’s some double-up, so use one service at a time, then leave it for a week or two before moving on to the next. If Google or Bing submissions are offered in the list, un-select those if you can. Use a throwaway GMail address to submit, and make sure you confirm all submissions.

Miscellaneous Traffic Options

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Here’s a couple more that were worth a look. The first will generate loads of high-value Social Signals, the next two are great if you use banners at all.

Viral Ad Swaps & Campaigns

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These sites take a bit to get going, but get them moving and they’re pretty much unstoppable! So signup and share your referral links on your site and social media accounts. It only takes a few referrals to generate some serious hands-free traffic…

Tested Paid Traffic Sources

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Free traffic is nice, but it takes real time and effort. Sometimes it just make sense to spend a few dollars to get things moving a whole lot faster… here’s my go-to list:

Stand-Alone Search Engines & Directories

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Other Websites & Services