Spring is a season rich with metaphor. There is no reason not to capture that metaphor for your wedding. Here’s the thing. If you use metaphor at your wedding, those images will remain your whole life as reminders of the richness of your love. Exploring those images with and before your community also plant them in your mind. So every time they eat those foods or see those flowers sprout or do that ritual activity they will remember your wedding. That makes a marriage prosper.

Here are some of the richest metaphors to explore during Spring:

  1. Rebirth: Your wedding moves you from being a single person to a person committed to another. Yes you’ve been with your partner for a while, perhaps even lived together, but now, with your wedding vows, you are committing to sharing your life with your beloved. There is rebirth in that. And every year that rebirth spirals a bit deeper. It’s not that you’re not still an individual, but you are a committed individual. Only love has the power to move us, time and again, to be called back to life by love. Illustrate this: Give everyone a potted plant with a bulb just slightly sprouted as a favor. That bulb can be planted and will grow again.
  2. Fertility: If you’re hoping to have babies, this metaphor is a pretty obvious one. Spring is the time of the birds and bees after all. But Fertility is also about the richness of creativity and life. We are more fertile in relationship. This is particularly true in intimate relationships. Celebrate this: Give people a decorated egg (preferably blown!) as a favor. (It will need a good box to get it home, too, so it doesn’t get crushed in the packing!
  3. Life-giving: There’s new life everywhere during the spring. Love gives us a new lease, a new chance and a new beginning! It’s amazing! Celebrate this: with a Kiss of Love! Practice, it’s good for you!
  4. Thawing: For many of us, the love our beloveds offer bring us back to life. It’s a rare person who gets to marriage these days without some major disappointment. And then when we meet the right person, our hearts melt. (did you know that kisses could soften your cells? Whew!) Illustrate this: Use a melting Ice Sculpture in a fountain.
  5. Abundance of Joy: Everywhere you look life is laughing. Birds and creeks are singing, trees are leafing, animals are snuffling around in the soil. There are more baby bunnies than you thought possible. Life is reminding you how good it is to be alive. Illustrate this: let your first dance be something Joyous: dance to a cartoon song or something that makes you laugh and spin in circles.

Weddings are solemn because of the importance of the vows you’re exchanging. They are joyous and exhilarating as well. The more you celebrate those qualities, the more you will call those qualities into marriage. You want to take your vows seriously. But you want to enjoy and revel in your life together. Let Spring help!

Source by Ann Keeler Evans