Fall wedding favors and autumn wedding favors may be based on seasonal themes but are particularly unique because they reflect the deep reds, oranges and greens that splash everything around you during the season. Choosing fall wedding favors that capture the vibrant mood nature is in, reflects not just your deep love for your partner but that for your guests too.

Your guests are bound to fall in love with favors like scented leaf soap boxes, lustrous leaf copper bottle stoppers, maple leaf coaster sets and leaf bookmarks with tussles. In fact, just any leaf motifs suit the fall wedding theme so well. Classic maple leaves and pines cones are attractive and apt designs for any fall wedding favors. And, you needn’t spend a lot on these. You can get some very good fall wedding favors for less than $2.50 each.

Placecard holders always make for great wedding favors in any season. For as less than a dollar each, you can get bright royal maple leaf placecard holders that assign seats to your guests. These fall wedding favors come in vivid colors embedded with rhinestones. You can suitably choose to personalise them also. Other placecard holders like photo frames with bright leafy designs and stands make simple but impressive fall wedding favors too.

Another thing to keep in mind is what do you think your guests will do with their favors once back home? Maybe, you would like to give them something as a fall wedding favor that serves as a stunning showpiece in their living rooms. A maple tree ablaze with the season’s colors is captured in the making of ‘lustrous leaf’ copper-finish bottle stoppers. The design makes your guests feel unique and they are sure to fall in love with the favor.

An alternative is to give your guests a fall wedding favor that is a utility item. Individualised and personalised lip balms in the fall theme are very sweet favors. You can even choose the scents. Or, you can pick an assortment of keyrings as favors that your guests will be using regularly and remembering you every time they use it. Then, there are the autumn wedding favors that comes as soaps and candles in different designs.

Somethings that always find favor with absolutely everyone are mints and chocolates. For different price ranges from under a dollar to up to $3 and more, you can pick personalized mint boxes and tins. You can also gift away autumn-designed chocolates wrapped beautifully or packaged in boxes inscribed with the date of the wedding and names of the couple. Personalised chocolate or mint boxes and tins can even have a photo of the couple!

Candles are always a hit as wedding favors. You can order all kinds of scented candles. They even come shaped as cakes, froggie characters, regular glass meditation candles and cinderella’s chariot. Candles always add a depth to any relationship and as fall wedding favors, candles just heighten the vibrancy of the season. However, your guests are unlikely to use these soaps and candles but will possibly end up storing them as mementoes.

A new range in fall wedding favors is that of specially prepared and personalized honey jars. These quaint wedding favors have become a rage lately. According to Greek traditions, Cupid had dipped his arrows in honey to strike lovers’ hearts. Honey jars surely make a lasting impression on guests. Apart from honey, you can also choose coffee and tea satchels as favors. Just remember to be unique and intense.

Source by Aaron Hu