Marriages are the occasions of celebration, excitement, fun, love and prosperity. Our brides-to-be are mostly found excited about planning and preparing their weddings in a truly different way. But many conflicting situations may occur, which interrupts wedding planning. It needs some extra efforts to make it vast and memorable.

Have you ever heard about save the date note? No! OK, let me tell you about it, the pre wedding announcement note is like another wedding invitation card. While preparing for a wedding, people often go crazy to plan it as most memorable and trendy, but forget to have ideas to make it a blast. So once you are done with your guest list, send them STD mails with your cute cuddling picture & wedding date.

Traditionally STD notes are pre wedding memos, announcing the date of your wedding to your guests, so they can save the date in advance and plan to attend the ceremony.

Here are some tips for save the date note invites:

Patterns & design

Selecting a pattern for your wedding, means your kind of style, color, themes etc. For the designs you can opt for floral and polka dot graphics that add a more trendy look to your invites.

Graphics & colors

Graphics should be more simple and elegant, to make its hue eye catching. According to modern era, color selection should be bright and wild. Or if your wedding theme is vintage or nearly royal then designs must go with the vibe of the event.

Old new or timeless

Yes, designs that never get old. Simple & classy with lacy, filigree and digital print styles, give an ultimate sophistication to your invitation note.

Floral patterns

Flowers are tempting and refreshing with a combination of different colors. If you want to choose it as your wedding theme, flowers are the most lasting and trendy patterns.

Creative accessories

Creative accessories like candles, chocolate box, ribbons, handmade notes etc. can be added to your note, that reflects how lavish the event is going to be.

Now come to the usage of STD note invites:

When to send

STD note will be sent to the guests before 6-8 months of the wedding day. The main concern behind it is announcing the date of wedding to your invitees so they can save the date and plan for it. If it’s a destination wedding, then you may send it at least 8 months ago to your guests to plan well.

Mentioning plus ones

Always mention the guest name and one’s detail, whom you are inviting. If you are inviting your whole family then mention it, or only a single one then name it. Otherwise it may arise as a problematic situation.

Wedding card

Don’t forget to send wedding cards to your invitees, to remind them of the themes and events, taking part in your wedding ceremony.


All sections related to the venue & event in the wedding card should be described in clear, simple and crisp context.

If you will be attentive to these few & tiny tips, then it can make your wedding, ‘a day to be remembered’.

Source by Punit Agrawal