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My son and daughter in-law got married in a civil ceremony in a very unusual way due to Covid restrictions. There was no one present other than his father, who was needed as a witness.

We haven’t been able to have any social gathering to celebrate the wedding nor made any of the traditional wedding announcements etc. How can we send this out and incorporate a wedding registry while being tactful and with proper etiquette?

Claudia, thanks so much for emailing and asking this question. While Coronavirus has canceled many weddings, love of course will find a way! Weddings will never completely stop happening… these days, they’re just looking more like elopements or micro-weddings.

So first, let’s consider the two goals of sending a wedding announcement:

  1. Share some joy by giving them some good news
  2. Invite folks to share in that joy by getting in touch

These goals in mind, it’s never appropriate to include a wedding registry on a marriage announcement. That said, since one of your goals is inviting folks to get in touch, many people may reach out to extend their congratulations — and they may ask about gifts. If someone asks, of course a wedding registry link should be shared!

But if folks weren’t invited to the wedding, it’s not typically considered tactful or appropriate to suggest they send a gift. Remember the goals are just sharing some joy, and opening a joyful conversation.

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The etiquette around not including a wedding registry remains true regardless of the reason they weren’t invited… whether that’s because it was a big wedding and they weren’t invited, whether that’s because only a few people could be invited (a micro-wedding), or whether that’s because no one was invited (an elopement). And it’s still true even if the reason the couple eloped or had a micro-wedding was one as devastating as COVID-19.

Basically: if someone doesn’t have the opportunity to celebrate in person with the couple, it’s not great for them to feel like they need to give a gift.

I think this is especially true during this time of economic downtown, when many people are extra sensitive to any pressure to spend money they may not have.

This is all to say: YES, send the wedding announcements! YES, spread the joy! YES, invite conversation about that joy! We are all having such a challenging time, and a little good news about a wedding is what we ALL need in our mailboxes.

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Now, what about wedding announcement wording when the wedding was canceled because of COVID-19?

Remember, wedding announcements have two goals: 1) share the joy 2) make it easy for folks to share in that joy back.

These goals in mind, here’s one example of marriage announcement wording:

In light of recent events, we decided to have a private ceremony at [our home / the courthouse / whatever].

We look forward to celebrating with you all someday soon!

Thank you for your love and support as we navigate this new journey. We miss you. Please be in touch!

In love & gratitude,

Partner & Partner
[include an email address, phone number, or social media handle so that it’s easy for folks to get in touch — or even just see wedding pictures on social media!]

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I’d love to hear from couples who chose to elope due to COVID-19 concerns: how did you announce your marriage? What wording did you use on your announcements? How did you handle the idea of gifts?

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