When your granddaughter becomes engaged, it is a time of great excitement for the entire family. Especially if you are close to the bride, planning a wedding together will be a time that memories are made. Often, the grandmother of the bride may wish to give her a special gift in honor of the joyous occasion.

There are many types of gifts that a grandmother might choose to give her granddaughter as a wedding gift. Some grandmothers like to help pay for a portion of the wedding as a treat to the newlyweds. It might be something like the wedding cake or the flowers. It will be even more fun if you are able to help the bride in choosing those things.

Many grandmothers have considerable talents, and this could provide you with inspiration for the perfect handcrafted present. If you love to sew, you could make a lovely quilt in the couple’s favorite colors. The double wedding ring pattern would be especially fitting. Grandmothers who are into knitting or crocheting could create a special bridal shawl out of very fine yarn. There is a traditional type of shawl that is so fine that it can be pulled through a wedding band. No doubt your granddaughter would love to have such a delicate piece to enjoy on her wedding day.

One of the most meaningful gifts to give is wedding jewelry. If you have a sentimental piece, perhaps a necklace that you wore on your wedding day, it would mean the world to your granddaughter to have the item for her big day. If there is no heirloom, you can shop for new gifts of wedding jewelry for your favorite bride. If you have seen the wedding gown, you can surprise her with a bridal jewelry set to match it, or you can always ask her what jewelry she has had her eye on, and take care of the gift that way.

When your granddaughter gets married, it is a wonderful time to share your own wedding memories with her. She will be happy to hear all about your wedding – and will probably be surprised at how different it was from her own plans! Despite the differences in the way that weddings were done in the past compared to the modern way, you might find that your granddaughter can pick up some pointers from you. Wouldn’t it be nice if she could carry the same type of bouquet as you did, or dance to the same first song?

Family memories are one of the best gifts that a grandmother can give to her granddaughter. One idea would be to make a photo album for her with pictures of your wedding and her mother’s wedding. Leave some pages blank at the end so she can add her own wedding photos to create a multi-generational wedding album. It will become a cherished keepsake that the bride can one day share with her own daughter and granddaughter.

The grandmother of the bride is a very important part of the wedding. Take the opportunity to strengthen your bond with your granddaughter. The memories that you create together during this special time will be ones that you will always remember fondly.

Source by Laura Firenze