The Carpenters remain one of America’s best-loved musical acts. The brother and sister duo of Karen and Richard Carpenter merged their respective talents to record a catalog of music that helped to define an entire era. The duo was mostly known for optimistic love songs and ballads, and their legacy lives on today in a vast catalog of hits.

About The Carpenters

Siblings Karen and Richard Carpenter began their career as a California pop duo in the late 1960s. During a career that would span just 14 years, The Carpenters charted 15 number one hits. Richard served as the duo’s pianist, and Karen provided lead vocals while Richard sang harmony. Karen also occasionally played drums on some of the duo’s records.

The Carpenters sold more than 90 million records, and their songs continue to be requested around the world. Songs from the group’s catalog have been covered by many other artists. They are frequently heard on easy listening digital radio stations and streaming services.

Richard served as the duo’s primary composer. There is no way of knowing how much success the siblings would have achieved. Karen tragically passed away in 1983 due to complications of anorexia nervosa. Many people harshly criticized the group for their upbeat song choices, but today the songs of The Carpenters are considered classics.

The Carpenters wedding songs

The Carpenters Wedding Songs

Newlyweds could easily create an entire wedding ceremony themed around the music of The Carpenters. Love was a frequent topic in the duo’s biggest hits. The Carpenters gave the world an enduring selection of love ballads and wedding songs. There is something on this list for everyone.

We’ve Only Just Begun
1970, Close to You

This Carpenters classic was specifically written as a wedding song, and it is used today by modern couples who wish to have a unique wedding processional. The song was sung by Carl Weathers in the film Happy Gilmore, but you will probably want to stick with the original version for your wedding.

(They Long To Be) Close To You
1970, Close to You

Karen Carpenter had the voice of an angel, and it shines on this number one hit from 1970 that has become a wedding day staple. Most couples like to have this song added to the wedding day playlist but it can also be used to introduce the happy couple for the first time as man and wife.

I Won’t Last A Day Without You
1972, A Song for You

The themes of longing and devotion are at the center of many songs by The Carpenters, and perhaps that is why almost any song from this group can be used as a wedding song. This one should be played as the wedding guests arrive, or it can proceed with the bridal march as an accompaniment for the bridal party.

1975, Horizon

Simplicity is something that every couple should consider for their song choices on your wedding day, and this love ballad simply stresses the feeling of happiness one receives from being with their partner. It is a song that would be perfect for that first dance together as husband and wife.

Top Of The World
1972, A Song for You

Karen Carpenter provides an upbeat vocal performance for this optimistic song that celebrates being on a high created by love, something all newlyweds can relate to. This is a fun song that will have everyone singing along, so it should perhaps be used at the wedding reception for a group dance.

A Song For You
1972, A Song for You

This may be one of The Carpenters’ strongest lyrical efforts, a song of devotion that is meant as a dedication from one partner to another. The best way to use this song is to surprise the groom with it at the wedding reception, and some brides even sing it karaoke-style for their new husband.

Let Me Be the One
1971, Carpenters

What we want more than anything else on your wedding day is to be the sole focus of desire from our partner, and this song expresses that want in a poignant way. Many couples have chosen this for their first dance, but it has also been used as an accompaniment for cutting the wedding cake.

Love Is Surrender
1970, Close to You

When we enter into the sacred bonds of marriage there is a willingness to surrender to the love of another, and this can be a scary leap of faith for any couple. Have this song played before the bridal party makes its entrance into the wedding chapel to remind you that everything is going to work out between the two of you. 

Baby It’s You
1970, Close to You

There is only one person on the mind of the groom on your wedding day, and the beautiful bride is also the sole focus of all of those who are in attendance. This song is a nice choice if you want something different to be played while the groom and his retinue are taking up their positions.

All of My Life
1969, Ticket to Ride

Marriage is about a lifelong commitment between two people that love one another with all their hearts and soul, and that is the meaning of this beautiful hit by the Carpenters. It is a song that you might want to consider using as an alternative to the traditional bridal march.

1976, A Kind of Hush

Let your partner know that this special day is all about them when you have this song dedicated to them at the wedding reception. It is a song about unselfish love and devotion to one’s partner, and it sets the proper tone when you have it played as the wedding guests are beginning to arrive.

Can’t Smile Without You
1976, A Kind of Hush


The one that we choose to marry is the one that can always put a smile on our face no matter what the circumstances and that ability are celebrated in this Carpenters classic hit. This song has been covered by many other artists, but it is hard to do better than the upbeat vocals of Karen Carpenter on the original.

Have a favorite Carpenters song, not on our list for weddings? Please comment on it below so that we can add it.

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