Wedding planning is something that each bride and the groom look forward to. Depending on each couple’s personalities, backgrounds, cultures and preferences, the excitement will always be present. Despite the stress that comes with wedding planning, couples tend to still enjoy this task, each step as if a piece building the whole puzzle of their dream wedding. From traditional church weddings to ones with rustic themes, we would always find something beautiful, something inspiring from them. One of the most popular wedding themes are destination weddings. These weddings are generally done on a beach, usually overseas.

A lot of creative ideas surface when the groom and the bride opt for a destination wedding. The desire to be different from the usual wedding events where the marriage is solemnized in a church with relatives and friends in attendance, the reception which may follow in a function room of a hotel or a restaurant ending with everyone partaking the sumptuous food and enjoying the night away with some dancing and social drinking – all these seem to be the usual patented traditional wedding event which to some couple seem to be lacking some spice and even the setting seem to be expected.

To some, the process no longer excites them. The fun and the excitement brought by a destination wedding are hard to resist for some groom and bride who are thrilled on putting some magical moments to their union. A well-planned destination wedding can bring the fireworks to the otherwise traditional wedding. What can be more ecstatic than a beach wedding where the groom and bride appropriately dressed in a ceremony by the sea, with the gentle breeze caressing everyone, with the blue skies and the deep sea, and the white sand gloriously serving as the backdrop while the two people say their I dos. Even the wedding jewelry worn by the bride sparkle in its stark beauty. There is no need to show off the traditional, extremely expensive jewelry as the gorgeous setting needs no competition from the bride herself.

A well-crafted necklace, earrings, bracelets and barefoot jewelry serve the purpose of enhancing the beauty of the bride. A creative and intricate design on the above destination wedding jewelry carefully handcrafted with luscious beads, pearls, rhinestones and crystals will do wonders to a beaming bride. So are the members of the wedding entourage, the guests and well-wishers who came to share this happy occasion garbed with not so much glitter but definitely with so much gladness and understated glamour and elegance.

So what’s a destination wedding? It’s the marriage rites, reunion, vacation, bonding, getaway, beach party rolled into one!

Source by Iris S Nvallasca