Marriage is a faith project. That is because everything about it cannot be known, seen, projected, calculated or estimated from the beginning by the people entering into it. Therefore, any man and woman who does not apply faith in marriage may have an unhappy marriage or broken home.

Marriage is for life and to ensure that people going into it keep to this rule, a covenant is made by them. Any serious agreement goes with a vow or pledge. A promise to become husband and wife goes by making a vow. However, there are implications of marital vow.

The implications of marital vow are:

” For Better: This implies that you would continue to love the person no matter the promotion you receive after the wedding. This can be academic, financial, political, or spiritual promotion.

” For Worse: Things can go downwards after your wedding. It could be bad as adultery. The vow implies that you will continue with the relationship. All you need is to seek for solution through counseling and prayers.

” In Riches: This means that you cannot abandon your spouse when riches multiply. The riches are to make the marriage sweeter and not tear you both apart.

” In Poverty: You can experience a financial downturn after some time in your marriage. You do not need to run to another man because your husband is down financially, nor should you leave him because you can no longer afford some luxuries you were used to before. For the husband, you do not need to beat up your wife at the slightest provocation simply because she is making demand of necessities in the home, on account of your financial downturn, can no longer afford. As both of you pray and trust God together, things will change.

” At times sickness can attack one of the partners in the marriage. Some particularly challenging sicknesses that can attack a spouse include insanity, epilepsy, barrenness, or cancer. When this happens, it becomes imperative to stand by your spouse and not dump him or her.

” Till death do Us Part: As you say this, it implies that only death can nullify a marriage covenant.

Source by Joseph Ene