If you’re anything like us, the #stayhome life means constant snacking! We’ll admit, we are not sticking to our healthy eating and regular exercise as much as we used to. Our wonderful friends at SuperFastDiet have the ultimate guide of how to stay healthy in isolation without having to starve yourself or work out 3 times a day! 

The Bridal Diet…

Now, many brides talk about staring a wedding diet before their big day. Of course, we firmly believe that there is absolutely no need. You are beautiful exactly how you are! However, it’s a personal decision. If you are wanting to lose some weight or just have a health kick before the big way, we want to encourage a healthy way to do it. Intermittent fasting is easy to follow and will let you lose weight AND be healthy all at once. It’s also super practical so it will fit perfectly into your isolation lifestyle.

Don’t Be Scared…

You might have seen and heard the daunting looking words, ‘intermittent fasting’ floating around your news feeds and at your weekly coffee dates recently. But never fear, SuperFastDiet is here to tell you they are absolutely not scary. In fact, the team at Modern Wedding all personally follow the SuperFastDiet way of life! This diet isn’t just about weight, it’s about lifestyle. It’s about being healthy, feeling confident and taking care of yourself. All incredibly important things to be doing right now!

Wedding Diet

So What Is It…

Intermittent fasting is a saving grace when it comes to losing weight and feeling great. The scientifically-backed weight loss strategy involves assigning a certain number of calories to a certain period of time or abstaining from eating for a certain period of time in your day. You can read about the science and the health benefits, by clicking the links! Intermittent fasting offers three equally successful methods allowing you to pick and choose what suits you the best. The three methods we have are the 2-day method, 3-day method or the part-day method.

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The Best Part…

And you want to know our favourite part of intermittent fasting? You can still treat yourself with all of your favourite things…pasta, cheese, chocolate, wine. Not having to be deprived is essential to keeping the intermittent fasting lifestyle alive and well. You can eat what you want within the calorie bracket.

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Join The Team…

Yes, of course anyone can do intermittent fasting… but you may find yourself needing a bit of help, support or guidance. Well, SuperFastDiet are here to help! Click here to check out their amazing program and the incredible offer they have available right now!

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Need some tips on how to practice self-care while in isolation? Click here!

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