Depending on your wedding theme, your wedding car can vary from a modern and luxury stretch limousine to a classic vehicle. There are some vehicles which remain leading choices year after year as couples book their wedding cars in advance to ensure that they beat other couples to the post and arrive at their wedding in style and comfort on their very special day.

The Austin Princess Limousine is one of the many top wedding car choices year after year. These vehicles offer beauty and sophistication and once they have been decorated with white ribbon, they are guaranteed to make an impact as you make your way to your ceremony or reception. In this vehicle you can expect to turn heads and make the statement you want the vehicle to make on your wedding day.

The Bentley R type is another of the top wedding cars which is ideal for modern and traditional weddings. This particular vehicle will offer you a unique wedding vehicle choice complete with the ability to make a very special impact as you arrive at the ceremony, ready to take your vows and marry the man or woman of your dreams.

The Damier Limo is another top choice which is guaranteed to make a statement on your wedding day. These wedding cars offer comfort and sophistication and are guaranteed to turn heads as you make your way to the ceremony.

Rolls Royce has always remained a firm favourite when it comes to wedding cars and the Rolls Royce 20/25 limo provide the perfect classic touch to your wedding transport, while the Rolls Royce Phantom guaranteed elegance, luxury and a spectacular design. The Rolls Royce Ghost offers you a timeless elegance which can be used for all themes and seasons at any time.

The Armstrong Siddeley Saphire can also make quite a statement on the day, once the ribbons are in place and you are seated in your beautiful gown. This vehicle seats up to four passengers, enabling you to travel with your bridal party with ease and confidence.

There are some very important factors you are going to want to take into consideration when it comes to choosing a wedding car for your special day. Knowing the cars that are most in demand and going through pictures to see what they look like and how they blend in with your theme is only the first step to choosing a wedding car hire service which will complete your perfect day and provide you with the comfortable and safe transport that you expect and deserve.

Ensure you choose a company that has an outstanding reputation in the wedding car hire industry. The company should have been in the industry for years, offering a national service complete with an extensive fleet of vehicles, so you can find the perfect match to meet your wedding day needs.

The company should be known for their well-maintained and serviced vehicles, ensuring that on your special day, the car will be there on time and in good condition, ready to take you to your ceremony with confidence.

Ask the company for your quote in black and white. The quote should detail the vehicle you have chosen, your pick up time and the cost. Many of these wedding car rental companies will provide you with a contract which outlines your day and their services, along with guarantees and more. Ensure you book early and pay your deposit as soon as possible for peace of mind that the vehicle you have chosen is the one you will get to enjoy on your wedding day.

Source by Didier Mario