One of the major tasks faced by a newly engaged couple is the design and creation of their wedding invitation. Unless you are eloping, you would need to invite some people to your event.

While you can invite your wedding guests by phone or email, there is no substitute to a written invitation. Aside from providing your guests with a reminder of your date, the invitation will also serve as a souvenir for your occasion.

There are a lot of choices for couples today when it comes to the written invitation. It can be as formal as a printed invitation or as informal as you like. Here are some of the best choices for your wedding invitation.

Bottle invitations

This is a unique invitation which will definitely catch the attention of your guests. You can buy wine or champagne and personalize the label with your wedding details. You can also instruct the recipient to open the bottle only during your first anniversary. For additional flair, you can invite them to the future anniversary and paste such an invitation below or at the back of the bottle.

Postcard invitations

Send your guests a photo mosaic of yourselves and your travel destinations in the form of a postcard. You can print this yourself or have it printed by a professional printer so it would really look like a commercial postcard. Place a calendar of the month of your wedding and encircle your date. At the back of the postcard, you can print the details of the event.

Passport invitations

A destination wedding is an ideal excuse to send your guests a passport invitation. This is a witty way to announce your destination affair. You can have your printer imitate a real passport with a photo of yourself and your fiancé inside the cover. On the lines you can indicated your wedding details.

Scroll invitations

A scroll invitation can be as unique as you want it to be. You can even use special paper like abaca and then use bamboos on both ends of the scroll. Print your wedding details on the insides of the scroll, tie with an abaca yarn and send it to your guests.

You can prepare unique invitations that will make your wedding more special. Your guests will truly appreciate it if you send the invites several months in advance so they have ample time to prepare for it.

Source by Amanda Jane