You can have fun planning your wedding if you work at it. One way to do that is to come up with unique wedding favor ideas that you can give as gifts to all of the guests who come to your big day.

Many brides and grooms may spend a great deal of time, and money planning on the food and the location , but forget the wedding favors they give out can be a very important.

The wedding gift is one thing your guests will take home and remember for the rest of their lives. If you give them a gift they can really use. They are more likely to appreciate it.

For example a book of love poems can make a great wedding favor. Regardless of the primary theme you are using a wedding always has the theme of love. Love poems will blend into any wedding as a great gift. Traditional wedding favors are often not very useful, but if you give a unique elegant gift you are really showing your appreciation. One idea would be to give a rose colored magnet frame. Other things you could give would be a compact chrome heart mirror, wedding day lip blame, and hearts of love glass coaster.

One unique gift that is always a hit is to give spices. Everyone loves spices and you can mix it up and give different ones to each table.

One thing that gets overlooked is giving a book to your special guests? Most people read and you could give a popular book or bestseller at the time of the wedding. You could also give a timeless classic that is one of your favorites and hand write a short message inside the cover.

Another idea is to make a donation to charity in the name of your guests. This is a very unique idea that shows you are thinking beyond a material gift and just the thought will come off great to your invited guests.

When you do it properly T-shirts make a good wedding souvenir. Writing both the name of the bride and groom is a unique idea that gets you remembered long after the wedding is over.

All the above are creative ways to handle the issue of unique wedding favor ideas. To make the gifts you give very unique use these ideas if they appeal to you, or you can have fun trying to come up with some more of your own.

Source by Joe Palladino