Wedding anniversaries and gifts go together during these momentous occasions. They represent exciting times for celebration and renewal of marriage commitments by the couple. In thinking of giving gifts to your spouse or a couple you adore, as the saying goes, it is the thought that counts.

Nonetheless, when you bear in mind that gifts create excitement and joy, it is worthwhile to take time to look for something special to give during anniversaries. You know the nature of people, how they react when the gift is precious and valuable. Commonly, people give gifts based on the theme of the anniversary.

Take for instance the theme of the 1st wedding anniversary which is paper. An appropriate gift can be a best seller book or a carefully selected wedding anniversary card. Or you can combine modern and traditional. Sample combinations of traditional and modern gifts are folded brightly colored cotton napkins and coffee cups and saucers for the second anniversary theme of cotton and china. A set of beer glasses with tooled leather drink coasters for the third anniversary theme of leather. Crystal or glass is another sample gift combination.

For the 5th anniversary, the traditional theme is wood, for the 10th, it is tin, for the 25th, it is silver and gold for the 50th and so on. It would be a big help if you are familiar with all the anniversary themes including the traditional and modern gift guide list as a gift giving etiquette.

The concept in anniversary gift giving is governed by these key rules originated by Ms. Emily Post many years ago. Lots of customs and traditions have evolved from that time up to the present. Nowadays, gifts based on the modern list guide or a combination of the traditional and modern is becoming the social trend in anniversary gift giving.

In effect, the gifts from the 1st up to the 10th anniversaries are expected to be less expensive in value than the gifts for the later years of marriage, notably the silver and golden wedding occasions. Keep in mind to inject some originality, creativity and artistry in the presentation and packaging. The rationale should be to give an exciting and memorable gift. There are so many options to choose from if you will just take the time to plan ahead and make a short list of the possible gifts.

Wedding anniversaries and gifts are special for the married couple and they become more significant and enjoyable when friends and families share with their love, joy and excitement by their thoughtfulness and remembrance of these milestone celebrations.

Source by Betina Alexis