The Single Plate Separator System or SPS is a method to stack and/or separate various types of cakes. Previous to the creation of the SPS, most bakers would use the double plate system, with dowel rods inserted into the cake for extra support. The SPS uses only one plate as the columns are pushed through the cake which in turn acts as the foundation. This eliminates one plate and 4 dowel rods. The technique saves the baker approximately 40% of the cost of a double plate system. Many in the home bakers are using the SPS, and are very happy with its ease of use.

Presently, there are 3 major manufacturers of the Single Plate System, Coast, Bakery Crafts, and Wilton. All three of those systems are sold through distributors, that sell cake decorating supplies. The Bakery Crafts’ components are the most generally sold by master cake decoration distributors on the East Coast. The Bakery Crafts Company has plates in various sizes and shapes. The sizes reach from 6″ to 18″. The shapes are as follows: Round Plates, Heart Shaped Plates, and Square Plates. Round frosted plates are fashionable for that crystal look.

The advantages of this technique are: Easy to line-up and designed for one time use. You will discover no more worries about returns. It assures ease and accurateness in centering and sustaining tiers and it eliminates all those plastic pegs and wooden dowels. The plates attach easily and firmly to the columns. The plates can be utilized for tiered or stacked cakes.

Let’s spend a moment and discuss the assorted components on the SPS.

All Multi-Piece Columns consist of a 5″ Grecian scored section, collar and two 2″ extension pieces. The overall lengths of the columns are 9″. The Original Scored Columns consist of a 9″ column plus a collar. A utility saw is sold independently for column sizing. Plates and columns: Center and press your cake board on the plate so the nib makes a marking crack in the center of the cake board. This ensures correct and speedy centering at the time of set-up. Cake boards are highly recommended to prevent sweating. You shouldn’t decorate the cake directly on the plate.

Assembling the tiers is easy to do when you follow these directions. Mark each layer by gently pressing a plate without legs onto the cake top. Next, insert the legs into each plate with a slight twist, securing legs firmly to your plate. Push round collars against each column therefore the flat side will rest on the cake top. Gently insert assembled tier (plate with legs and collars) into the cake. Legs should rest on the bottom plate securely. Carefully slide column collars down to rest on the cake to cover the holes.

Hopefully we have done our job and explained how a Single Plate Separator System works for the cake decorator. For more information visit our cake decorating supply online store.

Source by Robert Kaneff