The wedding cake has become a common feature in many countries. Many couples, who get married, end up cutting a cake whether it is in their tradition or not. The cake is a common tradition in western culture. It is as important as the bride’s gown.

However, in any place in the world if you notice the wedding cake comes in tiers. They build it systematically to give the cake height. A wedding cake signifies happiness, good fortune and fertility. Almost all cultures across the world take it in the same sense.

Let us look at culture of the cake across the world.

In the United Kingdom, cakes are made of different sizes, shapes and even colors. The tradition of having a tiered cake is long gone. People are getting more and more creative with the cakes. Sometimes, the cake is based on the themes of the wedding. Usually, they have marzipan coated cakes. Marzipan is a kind of cheese.

In the United States, they mostly use layered cakes. They are also very creative, and usually a lot of cream and icing is used.

In Japan, the cakes are given a lot of importance. They are very intricate and detailed in appearance. However, cakes are very expensive in Japan and only the rich can afford them. In some families, the couple pretends to cut a plastic cake and later sheet cake is served to the guests.

In Iceland, they follow the tradition of cutting a ring cake which is either layered or tiered.

Source by Pauline Go