So you just got engaged and are eager to dive into planning your wedding – fantastic! There are plenty of wedding details which should be on the top of your to-do list, but not everything has the same urgency. Check out a few of the wedding details that you can place on the back burner until closer to the big day.

Brides often get so overwhelmed with wedding advice that they feel pressure to do everything right away. But it is important to sort out the top priorities from the smaller stuff. You can’t do everything at once, so there is no point getting bogged down in the less urgent tasks until you have done all of the big stuff first. For example, it is important to book your florist fairly early on, but you do not need to nail down the exact design of the centerpieces or figure out what color flowers you want for your bridesmaid bouquets.

Speaking of bridesmaids, they can wait a while too. Many brides rush out and ask friends to be in their bridal party in the initial excitement of becoming engaged. Then the wedding draws closer and they start to realize that they may have made a mistake. Take the time to think it through. Let’s say you plan to have a year long engagement; if you waited three months and asked your bridesmaids about nine months before the wedding day, that would be plenty of advance notice. Picking out bridesmaid dresses and bridesmaid jewelry is also something that you should wait a while on, so you don’t need to have your wedding party set in stone immediately after you become engaged.

Very organized brides might think it is a good idea to get the marriage license as soon as possible. It is certainly a critical thing to have on your wedding day, but don’t dash off to the courthouse just yet. Every state has different laws about how long a marriage license is valid. It can vary considerably, from 60 days in one state to a year in another. That is not to say you should wait until the day before your nuptials to get the license, though, because some states have a waiting period before you can tie the knot. So before you get your marriage license, carefully check the laws of your state so you get the timing right.

Another thing to push down your checklist is buying the wedding favors. If you are buying edible favors, wait until the last month so you won’t be giving out stale treats. Brides who plan to make their own favors might want a little longer lead time, but the favors still can be left until after all the big stuff has been done. Besides, do you really want to have to store two hundred favors in your house for six months? Leave the favors until later.

Something that you absolutely can’t do early is create the reception seating chart. Not that anyone is clamoring to work on their seating chart – it is one of the most dreaded of all wedding tasks! Take this wedding planning advice: don’t bother with the reception seating until you have given the final head count to the caterer. Starting too early will not make the job any easier, because you will have to make tons of adjustments as more people accept or decline. Do the seating chart about a week before your wedding, and go do something fun like shopping for your wedding dress right away instead.

Source by Laura Firenze