You may be surprised to know that many of the wedding traditions we do have originated from superstitions from many years ago. If you’re the type of bride to be who avoids walking under ladders or refuses to go out on Friday the 13th then you may be intrigued to read on to find out what you should be avoiding with regards to your wedding dress.

When choosing your dress you might like to consider which fabric to opt for. According to superstition wedding dresses made of silk are thought to bring good luck, while satin is believed to bring bad luck. To avoid a future of poverty don’t go for a velvet wedding gown. For a happy life together your wedding dress should be white, cream or ivory in colour; wearing white is thought to frighten off evil spirits.

Are you a dab hand at sewing and thinking of making your own wedding dress? You may like to designate someone else to do the job as it is considered unlucky if the bride assists in the making of her gown. It is said that she will cry a tear for each stitch that she sews and that the final stitch of her dress should be left unfinished until the bride is about to walk down the aisle. Ripping or tearing your wedding dress on or prior to your special day is also considered bad luck. Having several hairs sewn into the gown is believed to bring good luck.

You might like to try on your complete bridal ensemble to check it all co-ordinates perfectly before your wedding day. Stop right there as by doing so, according to one of the oldest myths, your marriage will end in heartbreak and tragedy. One many brides already know is that it is deemed unlucky for the groom to see the bride in her wedding gown.

According to English lore having a spider nestled in your wedding dress is believed to bring good luck, just make sure you remove it safely before slipping your gown on! If you’re not sweet enough already then Greek cultures believe popping a sugar cube into your glove will make the union between yourself and your new life partner even sweeter. A coin in your shoe or stocking is thought to bring a future filled with prosperity.

Many brides still go for a veil to complement their wedding dress on their big day. This was originated by the Romans where a bride came up with the idea that by hiding and disguising herself underneath a sheath of fabric it would protect her from jealous and evil spirits.

Finally for a blessed marriage have your cat, or a neighbour’s feline friend, eat from your left shoe for the week prior to your wedding. Dry food is probably better for this than wet, though I don’t think many brides would be willing to risk their Jimmy Choos for either!

Source by Todd W Cassidy