Brides know that having their wedding dress preservation done provides a great keepsake. The question often comes up about cleaning and preserving their petticoat – slip – crinoline.

If the slip is a regular A-line slip then including it with the wedding dress is usually done free with most wedding gown preservation companies.

It becomes a more difficult question when determining what to do with a petticoat with layers of crinoline. The crinolin is the “stiffing” fabric that holds the petticoat out and gives fullness to the dress. Depending on how full the petticoat is designed to be is determined by how many layers of crinoline make up the petticoat.

First the slip is too bulky to be included in the wedding dress preservation box. Some preservation companies will clean and preserve the crinoline slip separately for a separate charge.

Cleaning your crinoline slip will take some of the stiffness out of the material.

The best suggestion is to simply to store your petticoat. Very seldom do they get dirty. If it does become soiled it can be washed in a regular washing machine and dried at low heat. Store it in a cardboad box that is taped shut. If you are concerned about it then wrap it in acid free tissue paper before placing it in the box.

Do not store your slip in any type of plastic bag, or plastic container.

Long term storage is best done in this method, sending it in with your wedding dress preservation isn’t necessary and just adds to your expense.

Source by Donald Clifton