Those unusual wedding gifts are always special to the newlyweds. They usually keep it for display reminding them about the person who gave it. The day of the wedding is the most memorable moment any couple could have in their life time. Getting married is a simple thing to do if you really love each other. It is about starting a new stage of life and a wedding needs to be celebrated with the people who are important to the bride’s and groom’s. Families, relatives and friends are the usual guests at a wedding. If in case you are invited to a wedding and you do not know yet what gift to give the couple, then let me help you. These wedding gifts should be useful and sentimental. So, below are wedding gift ideas that will help you with your dilemma.

Give the newly wed a cross-stitched clothing.

This is one of the most sentimental wedding gifts of all. It shows that you really put an effort about that gift. It is unique and each part of the gift is made by you, just only for the couple. It can be a pillow case or a small tea cloth made especially for the couple. You can also give them a cross-stitch towel, blankets, quilts and other things useful to the couple. Put their names and wedding date on it. This is one of the best wedding gift ideas out there.

Give the couple holiday tickets.

If you are a close friend of the couple, then you can offer them a honeymoon package. If you do not have the budget then you can ask the other friends of the couple to donate some money, so you can give the newlyweds a nice romantic getaway. In case, this seems impossible then you can just give them a holiday package to a place where you can afford. It is not necessary to give them the most expensive romantic package, but a nice one is acceptable. This is one also a good unusual wedding gift that a couple will love.


This is also an unusual wedding gift that you can give to the bride and groom. You can give the couple a matching bracelet or a watch. If you want to give them a bracelet, you can give them a birthstone bracelet but make sure that they have the same design. They will love to wear a jewelry of the same design.

Some customized gifts.

You can give the couple a scrapbook. Inside the scrapbook represents their happy memories together. Compile the funny and sweet moments they have together. You can also put some heartwarming comments on each photo. You can also give the couple a painting. They will surely love this.

Source by Allie Maynes