You can find discounted wedding gown preservation services in many places. Sometimes it’s a local dry-cleaner offering specials. Sometimes you’ll see ads in magazines or on the internet for $69 or $99.

Read the fine print! Invariably the low priced specials are not actually for gown preservation, they are for the box only. They call it a wedding gown preservation box and so you’re responsible for cleaning your dress yourself and then you can use this “special” box to it in.

Sometimes these special prices will be for a “do it yourself” cleaning kit. It will include the storage box, some acid free tissue or muslin to wrap the wedding dress in, maybe even a home dry cleaning packet to use in your home dryer.

Most of these special priced do it yourself cleaning and or storage boxes are found on eBay. They look similar to real preservation kits, but aren’t.

When comparing you’ll find that real wedding gown preservation kits contains everything you need to take care of your wedding dress. You’ll send your gown to the company to be hand inspected by specially trained technicians. They will pay special attention to the hem and top of the bodice areas, cleaning them by hand.

Spot cleaning will be done for all stains. And they will use a special “anti-sugar” treatment for your gown. This treatment removes the residues from wine, soda, cake and food that may be on your dress. These spots will yellow quickly if not properly treated.

Your local dry-cleaner cannot do this. They service and quality is limited.

Professional wedding dress preservation can cost as much as $490, but usually averages between $125 – $189. Be careful and not over pay to have your dress preserved. Many online websites offer exactly the same service at various prices. Check it out carefully – no sense paying more for the same service.

Choose a wedding gown preservation company that has been in business for a long time. You want a company that has a great reputation, and a company that offers a minimum 20 year guarantee with their service.

Source by Erlene Clifton