As you stare at it repeatedly, you keep on asking yourself; should you wear your mom’s dress or not? What are the reasons to say no? And what are the reasons to say yes?

Reasons to say no;

1) Don’t fit you (maybe too large or too small)

2) It’s a part of your traditions not to do so

3) It’s too old that the color is already fading and may put you to humiliation

4) Your mom don’t let you wear it

5) You can afford to buy a new one

6) It will hit your pride to wear someone else’s dress in your most special day

Reasons to say yes;

1) You really cannot afford to buy a new wedding dress. You need to borrow some money to buy a new one

2) It fits your size

3) They are as good as new

4) Your mom is happy to let you wear it

5) It can save you from spending a lot of money

6) It lessens your stress in planning and shopping around

7) Both of you (the bride and the groom) decided to go for it

8) You are practical

You understood the reality that your wedding day last for one day but your marriage last for a lifetime. You only need your wedding dress for few hours then you will be parking it somewhere, but your marriage needs your full attention as long as you both will live. Your priority is to save money after your wedding. And wearing your mom’s wedding dress will simplify your plans and budgets and lessen your stress.

Since your wedding day is the grandest day of your life, give the best of what you can as long as it is in the power of your hands. Just be careful that after all, it will not put you in a miserable financial situation. It is then important to focus more on how you can be happier and calmer after your big day. So if you think that it is proper for you to wear your mom’s or maybe your grandma’s dress, we’ll leave it for you. Suggestions are mine, decision is yours.

Happy wedding day!

Source by Milagros Monette