A wedding planner guide is essential to help take the stress out of planning your wedding. Every bride wants her special day to go as smooth as silk but let’s face it, unexpected things happen sometimes. There are a huge amount of details that go into every wedding-big or small.

I attended a close friend’s wedding reception and watched as the groom came to the gift table and began going through the envelopes. To his dismay, he hadn’t remembered that he had to furnish tips to many of the service people at the reception. He was horrified to say the least, that he had to dip into his gifts which he was going to use for his honeymoon.

Today’s bride and groom are, for the most part, young and have no experience when they enter into a first marriage. For my friend, it was appalling that he had spent so much money on his wedding reception and it didn’t even include everything. He certainly would have benefited by using a wedding planner guide that told him to get all his contracts in writing and know precisely what is included.

The last thing any bride or groom wants to happen is a disaster on their wedding day. Photographers who omit family members from their pictures or worse yet, they don’t show up at all.

That is why it is critical to stay organized while planning your most cherished day of your life. Think about how disheartening it would make you feel to not have any photographs of your wedding to look back on.

A timeline of what you will need to do is critical in your wedding planning. The further away your date is the better off you will be. A year off is a good place to start your planning. However, if you don’t have that much time you might think about contacting a wedding planner or wedding consultant to help out.

The wedding business is a huge profit making industry, but that doesn’t mean you have to cash in the farm to pay for them. If you pick your wedding date that is at least one year in the future, you can start saving money on your current bills and give up those expensive dates at restaurants.

There is power in numbers. Brides who network can often negotiate a better deal with vendors. To help keep you on your time line you should always stick to your wedding planner guide.

Source by Roberta Claus