Let’s now look at the services you may expect from a wedding planner. It is very important that you contact more than one wedding plan before making your choice and ask each one of them what services they offer, because a wedding plan might charge 3000$ and assist you better than a wedding plan who charges 6000$.

As the definition suggests, a wedding planner organizes weddings, according to people’s desires and needs. In the first place, a wedding planning can not be considered a professional if he doesn’t know the “right people”. That means that a proper wedding plan should have contacts, so that he will be able to satisfy any requests, no matter how weird. Would you like the church to be decorated with hybrid flowers that nobody has ever seen before? Your wedding plan should know or be able to contact a flower breeder who can provide you with unique flowers. Would you like your wedding1 dress to be imported from Portugal? Your wed should get in touch with the best Portuguese fashion designers and eventually fly to Lisbon with you to select a wedding dress.

So a wedding planner’s strength derives from his contacts. A wedding planner’s duties include budget preparation, staff selection, assistance with legal documentation and eventual translations, in case of destination wedding.

Therefore, a wedding planner should have a deep knowledge of HR management, law and event management. Now you may rightfully ask: does it get three degrees to plan a wedding? Of course not, but a wedding plan should know what documents are required to get married and what type of staff is needed to organize a reception party.

It should also listen to your needs and wishes before going down to business. A wedding should elaborate a back-up plan should there be any problem. A wedding planner should identify potential event venues and help you choose the best ones. Last, but not least, it should definitely help the couple prepare the attendee list.

A wedding planner can not afford to make mistakes, which is why you will have to make sure that your wedding planner is scrupulous enough to organize your special day.

Source by Mithel Jhonson