Whether you plan your day by your horoscope or think that astrology is silly, your star sign can be a fun element to consider when planning your wedding. Brides born from late October to late November fall under the sign of Scorpios. Scorpio brides are known for their intensity, passion, and strong personalities, which means that their weddings are sure to be bold and dramatic in style.

Scorpio is symbolized by the scorpion, which can whip its’ tail around and sting you in the blink of an eye. Don’t cross the Scorpio bride! She is not going to be the type of bride to let a wedding planner take over the preparations for her event. The Scorpio does not like to share power, and will be much happier if she is in charge of the wedding planning herself. Besides, Scorpios are hard workers, and will have no trouble pulling off a spectacular wedding without a coordinator. In addition, the Scorpio has a very practical side, meaning that she may be one of the few brides able to stick to her wedding budget!

Commitment is a very serious matter to a Scorpio, which means that they will take their marriage vows very seriously. This is a definite plus for anyone considering getting married to a Scorpio. They tend to be profound, and capable of very deep thought. For this reason, a Scorpio bride will be able to do an excellent job if she decides to write her own vows.

Passion = drama, and the Scorpio will want to incorporate some drama into her wedding. Instead of pastel roses, look for striking flowers like calla lilies in a color so dark that they are almost black. Mix them with unusual elements, such as spiky grasses for a distinctive effect. Unique and assertive centerpieces would be ideal for the Scorpio bride’s reception.

For the reception, a good option would be serving stations that allow the bride to express her personality through her food choices. Spicy and interesting tastes will be more pleasing to the Scorpio palette than boring or safe options. She may also prefer a rich chocolate cake over a traditional white one.

The bride’s gown helps to set the tone of the wedding. A Scorpio will gravitate towards styles that are dramatic and help give her a sense of power. Picture something like a satin sheath with strong lines and a surprising detail like a low back. Wear it with long gloves and rich red lipstick to create a look that is both elegant and dramatic. Custom bridal Swarovski necklaces are the perfect accessory for the Scorpio bride. The stunning crystals of custom bridal Swarovski necklaces will speak to her passionate nature, and being able to have the piece made exactly how she wants it will give her the control that she desires.

The passionate and emotional nature of this water sign means that she will be able to create an incredible atmosphere for her wedding. Naturally empathetic, the Scorpio bride will be able to tune in to what will make her guests happy. With her flair for the spectacular and excellent work ethic, you can be sure that the Scorpio will create a wedding to remember.

Source by Bridget Mora