Within the past few years, many couples have been forgoing the traditional wedding cake in favor of cupcakes, pies, cookies, candy tables and other desserts. However, there is nothing like walking into a reception and seeing a gorgeous wedding cake, in all of its artistic glory, adding to the couple’s overall decor scheme. When cake isn’t being served, we have heard guests ask, “Where’s the cake?”

While having a dessert table with many options is an added bonus for your guests’ experience, a special occasion such as a wedding deserves a special dessert. Talented cake artists can design a one-of-a-cake statement piece for your wedding that reflects your wedding style and what better way to add to the decor of your reception than a beautiful piece of edible art?

While desserts tables will remain a novelty for some time and still are fun to see at weddings, we’ve seen a big return to the wedding cake. As a person with a big sweet tooth, I say you can never have too many desserts at a special occasion! If you are torn between including a wedding cake and cupcakes, mini cupcakes make a great wedding favor and your wedding cake can still be your statement piece.

As wedding cakes make a comeback, couples are going to choose more unique ways to incorporate their personalities and style into their cake. Cake artists are making sugar flowers look more real than ever and cakes can be designed to look like the bride’s dress, the wedding invitation or a linen pattern and fondant can be shaped into just about anything, including birds, ruffles and ribbon. One trend I love right now is seeing different shapes and sizing between tiers and bold cake colors.

For vintage weddings, we’ve seen a lot of pies and old-fashioned buttercream cakes that look homemade. They add to the rustic element of these weddings.

Many couples tell us that they don’t like wedding cake. It’s true that fondant has given the wedding cake a bad name (and taste!). However, if you meet with a qualified baker, many can make the buttercream smooth like fondant and some bakers’ fondant even tastes good. Really! I think it’s important to meet with a few bakers and taste their cake- make sure it’s moist and flavorful. The best bakers use pure ingredients and make their goods from scratch.

If finances are keeping you from combining a wedding cake and a dessert table, why not have a small, decorated cake incorporated into your dessert table? You can put the cake on a cake stand that sits higher than the rest of the desserts and still serves as a focal point.

Source by Dana Dunphy