Do you need to slash your wedding budget due to the economic downturn? Even if you’re all right financially, does it seem more appropriate to scale back a bit? Well, before you change the menu, stop and think about what’s really important that day. A little bit of focus on your dreams for a successful marriage might make the changes you make inspired. Additionally, those changes might work to your benefit for your happy ever after marriage.

Why are you having a wedding? You’re having a wedding to celebrate the fact that you want to spend the rest of your life with this amazing person whom you love. Modern wedding planning has it all mixed up with the emphasis on the wedding reception. Move the focus back to the wedding ceremony and your vows. The more work you’ve done on your vows, the more deeply embedded they’ll be in your heart.

Why are you inviting guests? Your guests are there

  • As a thank you for all the love and support they have given you.
  • As an invitation to participate in the rest of their lives.
  • As an opportunity to meet and mingle with the rest of your community.
  • As witnesses to the solemn vows you are making to your beloved.

They love you. They are honored to be with you. Do you think they care if you serve them salmon or picnic food? What they care about is that you’re thrilled that they’re there to celebrate with them. The food can be great without being over the top. Keep the focus on the fun.

What are your presents for? Wedding presents are an old tradition. They were designed to help couples stock a new home when that was beyond them. Some couples still need that support. They shouldn’t give it up. But if you don’t really need lots of things, say so. Don’t register for expensive dishes you’ll keep on the shelf 362 days of the year. Register for fun gifts. Or register for a charity. Or, say, no gifts. Let your community know you’re sensitive to their monetary woes as well.

Plan a simple and fun party for your wedding reception, slave away on your wedding vows, invest in a celebrant who will help you get the ceremony that conveys the importance of your marriage, your wedding vows and your beloved community’s place in your life and then have a good time.

Things always look better when you’re counting blessings rather than totting up what you can’t afford. You are rich beyond measure in your love for each other and in your families and communities. Don’t let a silly thing like a recession interfere with that!

Source by Ann Keeler Evans